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On Napping: The Cold

May. 16th, 2013 | 01:53 am

Long time no LJ yada yada whatever.
Them be napping words!Collapse )

Essentially, what I'm saying is that you should always be prepared for a nap. Stay warm and you'll be deliciously fine!

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Oct. 1st, 2012 | 11:42 pm
mood: Picnicalicious

So, LJ, long time no blog bla bla bla etc.


I am naturally weary of them. Is it because I don't generally like outdoor things? Probably...

So, because I'm lazy, here's a list of things I don't like about picnics:

- The sun: I burn super easily. Especially around the face, even just at the start of spring.
- The dirt: I don't generally like being dirty, but I can handle. However, if I have to be around people or put things into my mouth, it makes the presence of dirt incredibly annoying.
- The seating: I am tall, fattish and rather inflexible. So, if I sit on the ground, then I have to get up to do things (a bother!) and also am exposed to more dirt (see above). Sitting on chairs is marginally better. However, picnic chairs vary. Some are short others are more human sized. The bigger chairs are better, but they also mean bending down to get food and things. (Remember, inflexible, fat and tall...)
- The nature: Flies! Oh God, I hate flies, soo much! And like, sometimes, there'll be food out of my range, but within the range of others AND THEY DON'T SWAT THE FLIES AND THAT FOOD IS DEAD TO ME. DEAD!
- The children: They run around and generally tend to make things dirty, or knock over chairs etc...
- The food: Often people eat cold food at picnics. While some cold foods are delicious, hot foods are generally always more delicious (to me).
- The running: People tend to like to be active when outdoors. This involves running and such. As I don't like the dirt, or the sun, and am inflexible/ unfit, this is another way picnics can suck for me...

Now I'm not saying that I hate all picnics, however I think I'm very picky how I want my picnics to be...

- Covered: Whether it's a tarpoline or some well placed dense foliage. I want to be somewhere I won't be in direct sunlight.
- Tables and Chairs: I much prefer to eat on a table. You can cut your food much easier and you don't risk spilling things everywhere...
- Food and Drink: Have delicious food. Is possible, have a barbecue! They're great! Also, make sure that there's plenty of water and the drinks are very cold. This is done through an over-abundance of ice.
- Cleanliness: Have lots of plates and napkins to make sure you don't have to touch stuff. Have a tap nearby to wash your hands etc.
- Good Company: If the company is good, then I can put up with a lot of things...

So yes, this is my examination of picnics. You may think my annoyances are picky or prissy, but this is my opinion based on how things affect me. Obviously, if I became flexible/ fit, did something about my over-sensitive face skin, picnics would be better for me, but that's not how it is now...

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No Vagrancies: How to get Subtly Rejected from my Hotel

Jan. 13th, 2012 | 11:15 pm
mood: Barring

Working nights again at my hotel means dealing with "strange" or "dodgy" people. Often, they try will try to get a room without a reservation. If they look sufficiently "dodgy" enough (I will explain later) I won't let them stay. "But how?!" you ask, "How can you deny them access? Won't they get angry?!" Well, I lie. I tell them we have no vacancies. Last night, a man came in and asked if we had any vacancies. I didn't like the look of him, so even though we were half empty I told him we didn't have any vacancies.

Now this may seem cruel, or wrong, or prejudice. And yeah, it can be cruel for certain people that just want a room. Morally wrong to lie or deny paying customers access to a bed? Probably. Prejudiced? Definitely. However, I'm relatively new to the hotel and I'm only here temporarily and would prefer to do things the way my boss wants them done. I was told by my boss specifically "If in doubt, don't." I was told by my boss to lie and say no vacancies. You must be wondering why. Why do we reject paying customers? Well, I was told that it's from experience. "Dodgy" (I will explain what I mean later) people tend to have a higher chance of causing us trouble. So by rejecting the "dodgy" we hope to avoid:

1) Violence both to guests and staff
2) Damage to the hotel whether it gets paid for or not
3) Any annoyance that will bother the other guests

Basically, the people we want to avoid fall into three categories:

A) Bums (People who live on the streets)
B) Drunks/ Druggies/ Anyone who's behaviour could be unpredictable
C) Criminals (Those who intend to steal, kill etc)

Categories A, B and C are not mutually exclusive. You could have all three. It's generally rather difficult to pick someone who is solely a category C, but we try...

My decision on whether or not to let them stay at the hotel is generally made in the first few seconds of seeing and smelling them. I may change my mind after speaking to them, but if I don't like the way they look/ smell etc, then chances are I will tell them no vacancies.

Now here's what you've been waiting for! A list of attributes that will get you barred from staying at my hotel! Note, I've marked those that alone will get barred with a star (*). Otherwise, one attribute, on its own, might not get you barred. However, the more of these attributes, the more likely I won't you in. THE LIST:

- Impoliteness
- Smelling strongly of alcohol and/ or cigarettes
- Leathery skin
- Mismatched clothing
- No luggage
- Asks if there are vacancies (This implies that they have been rejected from other places...)
- Unkempt facial hair
- Torn clothes
- Sores or scars on skin
- Poor hygiene (dental or otherwise) 
- Excessive faded tattoos
- Clearly high * (Especially if it looks like it's ice***)
- Drunk to the point of being unpredictable *
- If they ask for weekly rates
- Look much older than they are
- Gauntness 

So that's a list of things that I look out for in the first few seconds of seeing someone that enters the hotel. It's probably not complete, but it's a good start. It's less a set of hard and fast rules and more of a "sixth sense" (I see hobos...) that I picked up. Let's take the man I rejected the other day. He was wearing a bright red old Ferrari jacket, had no luggage and had leathery skin. My hobo sense was tingling and he asked me "Do you have any vacancies?" at that point I told him no and he left to find somewhere else. Essentially all the characteristics above made me think "no". And him asking for vacancies solidified it...

Now you may ask "Well shit! I don't want to be barred for arbitrary reasons what if I want to get a room!?" Well here's some tips! First off, if you're reading this, you're probably young (under thirty) and look it. Also, you probably dress relatively well and have good hygiene. Finally, you can probably use the internet (bonus points for using it on your phone) meaning that you can book a room online rather than walking into the hotel without a booking. (I would say I'm about 90% less likely to bar someone if they have a booking.) If, for some reason, you want to get a room late at night and you think you might not get in, here's a few tips:

1) Always have photo ID. I will not give you a room if you don't have photo ID. A working credit card is always a plus (bonus points if it's not a debit or a "pay pass" card)

2) Be confident. If you ask for vacancies it makes it easier for us to say no. Instead, ask for a room.

3) Don't be very drunk/ high. If you know you want to get a room, then checkin in advance. You can ask the receptionist to hold onto the key and they'll give it back to you when you get back. (Unless you're really drunk/ high/ angry whatever, then you may be asked to leave).

Phew, so there's how I decide who gets in and who doesn't. Am I like some kind of annoying "door bitch"? Not really. I'm not motivated by feelings of power or other crap. I'm motivated by a desire to minimise my work load it's much easier for me to not let you in than it is for me to let you in and then have you destroy a room.

If people ask (or I get bored) I may write some posts on hilarious stories of the hotel...

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Door to Door Work: It's Interesting?

Jul. 18th, 2011 | 04:50 pm
mood: Introverted

So, long ago, I said that I would write a whole bunch of blogs. I said it here! Well, last semester was pretty crazy as I was doing 5 subjects and wanted to get relatively good marks, then exams, then Perth for two weeks, and now I have time to blog. (I will write blogs for all of these in the future).

So yes, door to door work. For few weeks (a month or two?) during the holidays I worked for a company called Member Momentum. Essentially, they train young people (mostly internationals) and send them out to houses to ask for donations to a charity.

At first, I was trained to illicit donations for ROAR (Rwandan Orphans Assistance Response). They are a charity focuses on Rwandan orphans and is supporting a school. For this charity, everything was already established when I got there. We knew the areas to go  we had laminated cards that had been tried and tested. We also were trained to make ask for a one off donation.

After this, the organisation went through a few changes and we started working for the charity ActionAid. However, ActionAid works differently to ROAR. They inducted our managers and us and we learnt about how ActionAid works through face to face work on the street. They also look for monthly signings instead of one off donations. (This was very important) ActionAid on the street didn't work too well, so we worked with management to design a new card to help us get sign ups. We then tried door to door and then the streets, with only 2 sign ups in a week or so. Then I left.

Potentially boring technicalities of the charity industry?Collapse )

We were paid 30% of whatever we raised on our first 10 working days. After that, we would receive a wage of $20/h for the hours we worked. (This is quite shocking to some, and there are various arguments for and against it. I didn't care about them, I was just in it for the money)

WangstinessCollapse )
Addendum: I was slightly better at the alumni job, but the sell tended to be harder. The campaign ended and I didn't get the bonus due to below average performance.

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Lemon, Lime, Apple Pork Belly: Part 1

Jun. 21st, 2011 | 06:54 pm
mood: ProtoPorked

With potatoes.

Hello again CookingBlog. I've been told not to insult you... Clearly you've been running your mouth off again.

You're pushing me CookingBlog...

It turned out rather well with rave reviews. I also made delicious pancakes. But that may be a story FOR ANOTHER TIME!?
If you see this, it means I'm crossposting from my cooking blog.

I will do this occasionally to keep advertising this cooking blog.

Here it is:

This post!

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Exam Study: The Beginning of the End

Jun. 7th, 2011 | 02:27 am
mood: Examiniationing

Well hello there LJ. I really should sleep, but I decided to revisit you and share some words...

(I should probably sleep (For reasons to be explained later))

So it has begun! Exam studying! The last exams I will (most probably) have to ever study for! Ever! (Unless I return to uni for Med or something... For the lolz.)

But yes, exam studying, and it's safe to say that I've probably been the most productive I have been at studying for a long time. (This is still not very productive, but compared to last semester where I had one exam and 2 weeks to study for it, my productivity is much more!)

A side effect of exam study, however, is utter boredom! I didn't leave my house today and that's kind of sending me insane. I have eaten about 2 thirds of a box of favourites and am growing in girth. Tomorrow I think I may venture out to UNSW to retrieve some German things and get a hair cut!?

Anyway, for those interested, here's my exam plam:

For the exciting adventures of me and my exam study, read on!Collapse )

So yes. This was a rather boring post!

After exams, I hope to LJ more!

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Lemon Lime Lamb Attack!

May. 30th, 2011 | 04:03 pm
mood: LemonLimeLambed

Hey foodblog!

It's been awhile hasn't it! Well, SHUTUP DON'T JUDGE ME!?

I mean, I've been "busy". Foodblogging requires silence and photos and things! These, along with time, are precious resources.

Anyway, to the food!

I had 4 lamb forequarter chops and some cooked lamb ribs (from my local BBQ chicken shop) so I decided to COMBINE THEM BOTH IN AN ORGY OF DEATH!

First step was extracting the "zest" from the lemon and lime. This was harder than expected as the only equipment available to me was a blunt potato peeler. So I peeled both of them anyway. They looked pretty destroyed by the process, but i got some peel. I then chopped up the peel and put it into a bowl.

AFTERWARDS! I added a good amount of olive oil, oregano and the juices of both fruit. I mixed it vigorously with a fork. I then added a bit of cracked pepper and garlic flakes and stirred it some more. The oil and juice wasn't mixing, so I added about a table spoon of No Egg mix (Kind of useful). This made it a bit thicker and emulsify better. Also added a table spoon of sugar. I mixed and mixed and mixed and mixed!

Before this, however, I had put my uncooked chops in the glass oven thing. I then covered them in cracked sea salt and rubbed it in. I waited awhile and then turned them over and did the other side. Then I washed it all in lemon juice and soaked it up with paper towels. Finally, I added the marinade syrup thing.

I put it in my small oven at 200°C at fan grill (if your oven doesn't have this setting FIND A NEW OVEN!?). I let it cook for awhile and noticed that the marinade was starting to thicken up. I then turned over the chops (transferring the marinade onto other chops) and remarinated the unmarinated side. I left it for some more time until it began to darken.

While it was darkening, I prepared the ribs. Using my mad butchering skilllz I separated them and then lightly coated them in the remaining marinade.

I then removed the chops and inserted the ribs underneath them and put them back in the oven. The ribs warmed up within about 5-10 minutes from the fan grill, so I changed it to full grill and kept turning the chops until they developed a nice colour.

This is what it all looked like out of the oven:

A new cooking innovation. Stack cooking. Cook meats ontop of ... on Twitpic
This is what I had for lunch, meat and Greek pastries:
This was my lunch. Lamb chops and ribs in a lemon lime oregan... on Twitpic

It was rather delicious, but craaazzy oily. Also a fuckload of food. I think next time I will use a more zested form of the lemon lime and more of them. Also, the No Egg was useful at thickening up the marinade. Probably use more next time. Maybe also some maple syrup? Maybe also cornstarch. Probably won't use as much oil since it's crazy oily already.


If you see this, it means I'm crossposting from my cooking blog.

I will do this occasionally to keep advertising this cooking blog.

Here it is:

This post!

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I Dream of Dreams

Apr. 7th, 2011 | 10:01 am
mood: Dreamy

So I had two kind of vivid dreams before awaking. The first was essentially a "Quirky Romantic Comedy".

I was a husband to be at a wedding and I was waiting for my wife to be. Things happened. I think I somehow became friends with a large muscly man (I think he worked in personal security, or something...) I think this involved some kind of miscommunication that nearly got me beaten up, but then when it was cleared up, we became good friends. Anyway, other stuff happened, I think (I can't remember much). Then somehow a video got delivered (we're still waiting in the church). In the video apparently my wife to be was having sex with another guy. (I think it was quite intense?) My bulky friend got very angry at this, but I'm not sure if I was. Anyway, at the back of the church, there was a rather fat man (and maybe his wife?). My bulky friend saw the fat man as the guy in the video (but he clearly wasn't) and was about to beat him up, but I told him not to. (Like, repeatedly) Anyway, eventually, the farce was all exposed. It wasn't my wife to be, it was one of her 3 sisters. (They all look similar). And I think we got married in the end?

The second was basically me stopping an Asian terrorist bomb thing...

So I was waiting at the bus stop near the footbridge theatre (well, it looked like it, but I think it was more tubular). There were a group of Asian guys hanging around. I kind of overheard them talking and saying they would blow themselves up and the tunnel (hence tubular) would amplify the explosion. I thought about trying to stop them, but I realised I should get out of the blast radius and call the cops. As I was edging away, they started chasing me. The guy with the bomb was a strange guy from one of my tutorials (I think his name is Nelson). He's kind of odd, I can't effectively explain why. He may be just like 5 or 10 years older than the rest? Anyway, he spoke with a rather "Azn" voice and was like "Don't you know us Cajun are crazy!?" (yes, I realise that Cajun is a sub-ethnicity in the Americas, nothing to do with Asians. I think my subconscious was going for Szechwan, but missed? Mainly because their food is spicy...)

Anyway, somehow in the chase, I got a gun (I kind of remember stealing it from someone). And I was confronted with Nelson. At this point I was thinking that their bomb making skills was probably pretty shit. I pointed my gun at Nelson and went on a tirade about how he probably was shit at making bombs and that he had no idea how etc... (Essentially it was directed at those people who think "a bomb" is a ball of gunpowder or something) Anyway, he rose the bomb in a kind of protective way between us. The bomb itself was housed in layers of what looked like red white checkered  tea towels. Since he wouldn't stop (I don't know what) I shot him several times. I think I shot him in non-lethal parts. I looked at the "bomb" and opened up all the tea towels, and it was just a small ball of blue tack mixed with some kind of gunpowder. (Oh, we were now in the Eastgardens lower level parking lot) After leaving him there, I looked around at other people playing with the same substance and it was burning kind of violently (deflagrating) but not exploding (detonating).

What we've essentially learnt is that my sub-conscious is racist and can write mediocre romantic comedies!


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Thesis/ Design Marks/ Things

Feb. 13th, 2011 | 11:27 pm
mood: Incredulous

So, this is the first of my many-part blog series on "Things that may or may not be blogworthy, but I'll blog about regardless"

So yeah, first off. I got like 70 and 72 for my Thesis and Design subjects (Can't remember what mark was what.)

These marks could have been better. But at the end of the day, I feel very fortunate to have the marks I have.

In my Thesis, I essentially procrastinated for heaps of time and "estimated" (made up) much of the calculations. The values I did research were often off and could be seen to be off in a few seconds. Yet, it seems that they found it a good thesis. Woot.

Also, it amazed me just how much of the Thesis was written in the final days, and was written in all nighters. Oh yeah, initial literature review was kind of copied from a previous report.

Meanwhile, Design, makes a bit more sense now that the dust has settled. It was in the final days when everyone was doing their individual reports that I pretty much finished off the entire report myself. Also, by taking charge of the marking matrix, I gave myself most of the marks for the sections that we did the best. At the end of the day, I was the team leader and I was going to get my bit...

Meh, this blog wasn't that interesting. Maybe the next one will be!?


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Impending Blogs!

Feb. 13th, 2011 | 12:58 am
mood: Metablogging

So I have been doing Things these holidays. Various Things. I have also been thinking Things. I have wanted to blog these, but haven't had the clarity of mind to do so. So, in an effort to make me blog, I am writing a list of things to blog about so that I have structure and I am forced to blog...


Here's the list:
- Thesis/ Design marks/ feelings
- Door to door work
- Christmas, New Years, Australia day (If I can remember them...)
- Smiths Lake
- The nature of charity (May do a tumblr instead)
- Telephone work
- My employability in general

Not sure if I will actually get all these blogs done, maybe I will, MAYBE THERE'LL BE EVEN MORE!? But yeah, lists!

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